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Wednesday Words

Sometimes, messages shared from some commercials can be powerful – like this one here: There are a couple of other good ads here and here. Have you discovered any ads that go beyond the product, that offer a positive message?

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Monday Mountain

Nearer to the stars Enveloped in hope Wrapped in more than it seems How far will you go to Enjoy the view Imagine the limitless possibilities Great dreamers Have and nurture over Time, until, like the Stars, it’s their moment … Continue reading

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Sunday Steps

The countdown begins until the ascent again. An enjoyable moment was attending the Art & Science Art Walk in the Mundie Courtyard of the Fred Hutch Campus. A delightful discovery was that the thirty pieces of art from fifteen labs … Continue reading

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Saturday Snapshot

Simplicity in the plainest of things Uncovering things taken for granted New revelations nearby Stop, look and listen Everything adds a note to Todays, tomorrows, and yesterdays gone by.

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A fun find via Chris Donner for Tuesday Tides:

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Wednesday Wonder

However dark the days begin Off in the distance, Light breaks in Proving all is not lost and Everything has a reason

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Tuesday Tide

Tiny at times Impressive at others Drumming along Every day Simply shaping in new ways

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Monday Mountains

Forest-cloaked Image immortalized Reining from afar Strong as ever The touchpoint of grounded stars Snowcapped Impressive might Glorious even in the gray Heaven-tapper True delight

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