Wednesday Words


Carrier Time

Today’s mini-snippet (which could have been placed on the other blog) is inspired by the ‘Moment of Writing Zen‘ provided by the amazing Casz.

Now is a great time to get your own copy of Casz’s debut novel – Wilderness Rim!

Be a carrier!” Art Dost Pomp

Six fading words on an archaic paper ad stopped her. Most items like this would have been burned, replaced by ear-clips or digi notes. The fact that this one survived intrigued her.

“Be a carrier,” she mouthed, adjusting the leather satchel on her shoulder. Even the design of the first letters of Art Dost Pomp dared her, yet she couldn’t explain how or why.

Someone pushed her towards the transit. It took her a moment to realize it was a fellow scholar who had the same first study she did. With a look, he warned her of the time. They claimed the last two spots before the doors slid shut.

As the transit jostled, she saw a patch just beneath the flap of The Pusher’s pack. Sure, she should have remembered his name, but it escaped her. The ‘A’ looked just like the ad.

He caught her staring, so he responded with sealing the pack properly.

“Be a carrier,” she mouthed once more, wondering if she had the courage to approach The Pusher after study.

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4 Responses to Wednesday Words

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Nice, but you need to finish your fantasy. Tweeted.

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