Monthly Archives: February 2020

Saturday Snapshot

Room enough to enjoy an Adventure, either with others or In personal solitude. Lives interconnect for a Seemingly short time

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Friday Fast One

Wheels turning Hidden secrets Obvious clues Deceive. Under the winter’s Night sky, Poirot Investigates The crime. *Joy is having a talented theatre group in town and a variety of shows to see. “Murder on the Orient Express” plays through ther … Continue reading

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Thursday Things

Circling on a Little wheel, A vessel Yields under steady hands

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Wednesday Wisdom

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Craftsmanship Lost in Overwhelming digital Chaos, hands relegated to Knickknacks, as Seconds are silenced

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Monday Moment

Some only dream of their destiny, Talking themselves out of it. And then there are those who Rise above others’ expectations and Soar!

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Sunday Shadows

Concrete or Abstract, Gilded or Elevated… Souls can always fly free

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