Spectacular Saturday

Field to Table w/Chef Justin Lee 3.11.21

How spectacular is the culinary team at Snoqualmie Casino? Great enough to be invited to take part in the “Field to Table” event!

Dining on the Field

When the opportunity arises to try the latest creations by the culinary masters, it’s an immediate ‘Yes!’ (Granted, I at least wait until the question/invitation is finished, just barely.)

Four courses served inside a tent under heated lamps above.

The first course, Scallop, Radicchio, Manchego, a freshly made “Everything Bagel”, Shishito Chimichurri, Kalette, and Parsnip Creme Anglaise melted bite after bite, accentuated by the crunch of the kalette.

The second course, Twice cooked Pork Belly, Pickled Hot Sauce, Sous Vide Carrot, Celeriac Mousse, Cauliflower, Ricotta Dumpling, and Pea Vines offered a wonderful blend of flavors both familiar and unexpected.

The third course, Wagyu Beef Cheek, Crispy Beef, Bone Marrow Custard, Fiddlehead Fern, Confit Potato, Apple Carpaccio, with Cipollini Jam had an earthy tone to the flavors, folding into a sweet/bitter combination.

Sweet Finale

And to finish the evening, a Ten-Layered Chocolate Cake, Mexican Hot Cocoa, Aerated Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Crumble, and Malted Milk Balls, topped with an unexpected surprise! To be fair, I’ve had (many) an opportunity to try the original – 21-Layered Chocolate cake, so it was nice to taste a shorter variation with a bit of ‘pop.’

As the world slowly reopens and more people are vaccinated, will I venture out to dine more? Probably not. However, wherever this team will be out in the community, I’ll be there!

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