Sunday Snapshot

Pi Day 2021 by Tommia Wright

Pi day is too fun to pass up! And there are many fun virtual 5K walks to find with great programs to support. So, this year, I tackled three strolls in two days and even found one new trail to try.

Intersection of Mount Tenariffe Trail and Talus Loop by Tommia Wright

Joy was finding one new trail to use in tackling the first walk of the say. It meant a few more uphill climbs that brought spectacular views. After a short break, on to the second 5K of the day.

Along Mount Tenariffe Trail by Tommia Wright

It was fun to come full circle with this trail. Hopefully with better planning (ie the magic hour of the day where the main trail isn’t packed with many maskless folks), hope to make this a weekend routine.

While original plans were to treat myself to a pie from one of my favorite local businesses, decided it would be better savored Monday.

What challenges are you marching through right now?

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