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Any other time, it would go un- Noticed since it’s been there for all of time. Dominating the valley with its majestic height. However, this season, it’s Outstanding, dressed in white, against a sharp blue Waiting for its silhouette to … Continue reading

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Monday Meaning

This month’s entries will be based on Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day. Today’s is the antonym. Picturesque view with Radiant beams and Outstanding clarity while Mesmerizing and sane. Impressive, invincible Spectacular shadows Inviting adventure Natural escapes Grand all around

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New Year

Amazing how each year begins With a day no different than the one before And yet we unwrap this day like a holiday Ready with wonder for what’s in store. Every day – before, here, later – brings Newness in … Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot

Nothing like a crisp cool morning with no place to be.

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Saturday Snapshot

A cold shot at night along the limited trail for the Falls.

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Monday Moment

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Sunday Snapshot

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Holiday Finds

Fun discoveries while taking the long way home after work.

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Slow Going…

Good news – had time to write a new poem (found under the Poems page). Slow news – still organizing the shots of the cold week before. Otherwise, upon further assessment, things aren’t quite as bad as they seem. Things … Continue reading

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Never take Power for granted….

It takes something like an ice storm or heavy snow fall to lead one to focus on what to be thankful for. Having a wood stove and fuel to feed it is something not to be taken for granted as … Continue reading

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