Dead Tired…

Cover for “Forgotten Water Falls” by Tommia Wright

after crossing the line – the deadline for the Sketchbook Project 2012, that is. I learned quite a few things during this first-time project. Unlike my first NaNoWriMo – where I had no title, no plan, no character names even – my first Sketchbook Project had the concept, the categories, and a couple of lines of verse to be cobbled together.

The theme was “Uncharted Waters.” You may have read earlier about my musings of a project called “Got in; Falls for Water” – a picture book of favorite waterfalls and anything else pertaining to rivers, lakes, and oceans. Well, logic dictated that the title be changed to “Forgotten Water Falls.” A separate location of the actual book will be created elsewhere in the near future. With any luck, creations by others in the group may be made available as well.

Here are the things I’ve learned:

  • Rebind the book before doing anything else!
  • It is easier to sew with invisible thread than it is to thread a needle with it.
  • While this year’s theme was easy, finding the materials in a place they should have been wasn’t.
  • Make it a point to take a day off from work to make it to a sketchbook work party at least once!
  • When your crafty friend shares with you a material that she says will ‘stick like nothing else’ she means it.
  • Murphy’s Law states that when you use said product on the last page with the foolish feeling of completeness, something will go wrong.
  • When removing said page to fix the error, Fate is good in allowing a ‘grace period’ of easy removal.
  • First half of item two is a LIE!
  • All items I dismissed as nonsense during sewing lessons really do come in handy.
  • Remember to check pant legs for any possible stick pins before standing up.
  • The favorite art pen you own will be the one with the missing clear lid before the project is through.
  • Always have a second copy of the cover art to cover over the corrections made through the first cover.
  • It is probably best to have the book finished/shot/archived at least a day or two before the postmark due date.
  • Above all else, sketchbook projects are like mud pie making – the whole point is to have FUN!
  • Major learning for next year: collect/create art now, regardless of the theme options offered.

Am I going to do this again? Yes! Am I recreating the project I just dropped in the mail box? Definitely yes!

Two highlights from the book:

SBP – Center page by Tommia Wright

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3 Responses to Dead Tired…

  1. Awesome blog on an awesome process! Although you missed some of the work-parties, I felt like you were there…your presence at the first one somehow carried through, and it was great fun checking in throughout the month to keep each other inspired. If you’re not tired, you probably didn’t give enough art, I would say. So by measure, your book is obvious brilliant and full of your artistic soul. Thanks for sending it into the world! I look forward to travelling to Portland to see it with you on tour this year!

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