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Saturday Sketch

New year, new follies.  A page out of one of the soon-to-be submitted Sketchbook Project books. Theme: Wanderer. Title: Trails in Winter and Other Seasons. Now to see if this (and the other items) will be sent before the final date.

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Wordy Wednesday

Well, it’s official – this year’s Sketchbook Project made it to New York. The chosen theme: A simple place. Short review of the book, “Simplicity City” – I actually removed pages (granted, the original plan had been four pages, but … Continue reading

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Monday Momentary Mentors

Today is King Tut day. Not exactly my favorite person, nor is Egyptian history of interest to me. Saturday was Book Lover’s Day – can’t believe I almost missed that. Spent the day divided between: The Sketchbook Fiction Project The Sketchbook Project … Continue reading

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Sketchbook Sailing

Less than a month ago, I began focusing on the Sketchbook Project for this year (the first rendition of page one on the left). Given the better focus (beginning with removing a few, well almost half,of the pages), with the … Continue reading

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The Sketch Continues

A sneak peek to the Sketchbook Project 2013 titled “Leaf ‘n’ Memories”

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Flash Post

One of many photos for the ‘Back-to-Portland’ photo series. Otherwise known as shots taken while traveling backwards on Amtrak and playing the ‘going, going, gone’ game. Trains are better than driving when getting to a destination – no stress, no … Continue reading

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Sketching Revealed

So much for the plan of having the photos side by side – however…the unveiling of the resulting pages of the Sketchbook Project 2012. Yes, I took the plunge, aiming for the deep end. Thanks to V for recommending a … Continue reading

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Dead Tired…

after crossing the line – the deadline for the Sketchbook Project 2012, that is. I learned quite a few things during this first-time project. Unlike my first NaNoWriMo – where I had no title, no plan, no character names even – … Continue reading

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