Wonderment of Words

The  third performance of Word Jazz, in celebration of our third anniversary, also saw the release of “Views, Voices and Verses – Volume 3” by SnoValley Writes!

The only things missing from the publication were the winning entries of the contest writers, Natalie S. and Kimberly S.

Natalie’s reading was phenomenal, and the words, once trapped on the page came to life. Given the talent this young lady possesses, I sincerely hope readers will be given an opportunity to discover her stories.

Kimberly’s Italian tale sparked a sense of independence and making one’s own choices. Read by Casondra Brewster, one could easily see Amanda’s confidence build as one door closed and another opened.

The ‘regular readers’ of the night were entertaining and wonderful as always. The cadence, the humor, the heart…each story, each poem had its own gift to weave into the storytelling night. Granted, I had the advantage of being involved in two of the four rehearsals, but listening to the stories once more, in a filled restaurant didn’t lessen the enjoyment and awe one bit.

Was I  worried being the final reader? No, and maybe I should have been. Did I complete the short poem without a stumble? No, but then again, I suspected I might not, having completed the rehearsals one way and going into the performance another. Will it detour me from reading again? No.

If there was one word to sum up the evening, it would be “magical.”

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2 Responses to Wonderment of Words

  1. stephen matlock says:

    Oh T, you were wonderful! I told my wife how much I was impressed with your bearing, poise, and delivery. It was all of a piece – what you said, how you said it, how you held yourself.

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