Phobias, Peeps and Poe

Did I put together a proper post yesterday? No. Did I write, find or share a poem worth seeking? No. Why? I was playing with Peeps. Yes, Peeps. No, I won’t eat one, try one, nuke one. Only used a couple to create an ‘in-depth DVD box’ for a Peeps contest at work. Not that I expect to win, but it was fun!

Today’s Friday the 13th. Only thing I can say to that is the  film collection by that same name is fairly silly.

So, returning to poetry – meaning Poe.

For a proper scare of suspense and descriptive poetry, the father of mysteries wrote a collection that should be equally enjoyed as his short stories. “The Illustrated Library of World Poetry” only includes four: Annabel Lee, For Annie, The Bells, and The Raven. I like them all, so no favorites.

In terms of someone else’s reading aloud of Poe, the readers are tied of the two I’ve found: Annabel Lee read by Sam Waterston (The Poets’ Corner- edited by John Lithgow) and The Raven read by Basil Rathbone (The Edgar Allan Poe audio collection). Deep voices, great rhythm. There is something to be said for hearing another read a familiar poem to hear and discover something new and different.

What was the last poem you heard?

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5 Responses to Phobias, Peeps and Poe

  1. To hear some great poetry and short stories, try The Black Dog in Snoqualmie if in the area on the first Thursday of every month. I’ve been impressed with the quality of the Open Mike performances.

  2. The last time I heard a poem was at one of the Literary Society meetings at Copper Mountain College. I love Poe. PBS once had a presentation of three of Poe’s short stories: The Pit and the Pendulum, The Tell Tale Heart, and I’ve forgotten the other it was so long ago, but it might have been The Gold Bug. The man doing the narrating was Vincent Price. It was spellbinding.

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