Sketchbook Sailing

Page One by Tommia Wright

Page One by Tommia Wright

Less than a month ago, I began focusing on the Sketchbook Project for this year (the first rendition of page one on the left).

Given the better focus (beginning with removing a few, well almost half,of the pages), with the book’s final entry, I wasn’t dead tired like I was last year. That and I enjoyed more workshop nights with my fellow Sno Boot Sketchcats.

Now on its way to join other artists’ books for the tour, here is the finished project, Leaf ‘n’ Memories.

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5 Responses to Sketchbook Sailing

  1. Ooo, well worth hitting the link to see the finished project! Gorgeous! Your photos captured it pretty well. I Love, Love, Love it now that I can see straight…well kind of…after finishing my project and mailing it off as well. -signed a dead-tired-fellow-SketchCat who didn’t take out enough pages and left too much until the end. On the bright side, I got the day off until 2 today so got to finish up without quite so much suffering, but it was a late night last night. 🙂
    May I post a link to your book on the SketchCats FB page?

  2. And hope to see you within the hour to hop about happily! 🙂

  3. Mari Collier says:

    Cool. Keep at and you will be doing the covers for any novels or published work.

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