Thoughtful Stories

Bedtime Story 1 by Tommia Wright

Bedtime Story 1 by Tommia Wright

Today’s Daily Post Prompt, asked, “What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

My parents read me bible stories before bed. The original paperback collection of stories now lost, this is the pop-up book my mother read to me frequently – one of a handful of books I secure in my treasure chest. I heard about Jesus’ love for me every night. Sure, there were the Sunday school illustrated readings, but they weren’t books that I could hold with my parents. The memory surrounding this book was that this was the first one my mother took to ‘hiding’ from me when the page/story was done. Oh, how I searched the house high and low! (Well, as high as  a child could within limitations. I never did find out where she hid it!)

It’s wonderful not having to search in vain for His word or love and forgiveness and how He fulfilled the law so perfectly for us.

Bedtime Story 2 by Tommia Wright

Bedtime Story 2 by Tommia Wright

The other book that filled my imagination was “Enchanted World,” given to me by my aunt. I couldn’t go to many art museums as a child, but to have these masterpieces in my hands inspired me in how I interpreted the world around me. What a wonderful treat it was to catch up with that same aunt in Rome and to see different worldly beauty up close.

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