Too Many Things Tuesday

Tower of Books

Tower of Books

…or how I manage to find new ways to get into/create ‘trouble’.

The photo’s a repeat that currently represents the borrowed library book collection spiraling out of control, toppling into my writing corner. What’s sad is that none of the books lend to researching this year’s NaNo; although most of the borrowed CDs lend quite well to the soundtrack this time around. Granted, many of the melodies have become minion muses in regards to what to blog about some days, but I digress.

For NaBloPoMo, the question for today was: “Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?”

What have did I have gathering around the chair, the desk top, the printing shelf and surpassing the height of the speakers on either side of the DVD/TV/Computer monitor (where I’m sure most of my pens, pencils, sticky notes and glasses are buried)?

Half a dozen books about map making; six by Simak, a few math and language books, maybe a book or two about improving memory/organization, as well as a few short stories. This discounts the recently purchased reference books stacked on the windowsill or the notebooks on the music stand of the keyboard.

Someone chided me that maybe I should stop getting books from the library and keep the borrowing exclusively to e-readers, all the better to minimize the fines. The weight of the words isn’t the same, nor the chance to scribble notes on the slips marking  the ‘holds’ request. (So I have enough slips to create a few mini-memo pads; that’s what recycling is for!) There’s possibly a program for ‘book-aholics anonymous;’ maybe I’ll find the book.

Found this interesting article via NPR about Brick and Mortar Stores vs. Amazon. Since this year’s NaNo is set in Seattle, I had to think about what Paul’s thought would be about this ‘sibling to Starbucks company’ as he wandered about a neighborhood video store. (I have a Seattle Tour map around here somewhere under the mousepad that comes in handy in keeping track of who’s where before folks start disappearing.)

During this crazy month, my mind races faster than it should, conflicting with what I should be focusing on, what I should be finishing, and what I shouldn’t have started in the first place. The few times I do stay on target is in the blogging – with a pattern/routine decided and hopefully kept with. Maybe the double-madness will work.

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3 Responses to Too Many Things Tuesday

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Yes, your mind is racing from one thought to the other. One question you asked, I can answer. Here is my blog spot. I’m with you on liking the weight of a book in my hand. I do have a Kindle as it comes in handy when sitting and waiting for a dentist or doctor. Do the writing for publishing first!

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