Wordy Wednesday

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Well, it’s official – this year’s Sketchbook Project made it to New York. The chosen theme: A simple place.

Short review of the book, “Simplicity City” – I actually removed pages (granted, the original plan had been four pages, but what’s a ‘few more’?) without feeling like I was taking a shortcut.

The pencil sketches seldom met an eraser (and yes, the attempted mirrored pages of the town sidewalk could be influenced from a ‘learning to sketch’ book). The only splash of color comes from the covers, both inside and out.

It’s different, fewer words, no particular story; a blend of memory and make-believe.

The book is one of many set to go on regional tours. This one will tour in the Pacific Northwest. So, an easy trip to Seattle, Portland and Vancouver BC. Might have to get a passport this time around.

Lessons learned? Well, alas, this was put to post the day of (again). No guilt felt in keeping it simple – my main challenge. Do I have my savings tucked aside for next  year’s book? Of course!

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2 Responses to Wordy Wednesday

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Cool. Do you go with it? Tweeted your blog.

    • tommiaw says:

      No, I don’t get to travel with it. What will be fun is having three opportunities to see it and all the other books on tour.Thank you for the tweet!

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