Friday Photos


Playing with Polaroids

Some time back, while wandering in Barnes and Noble (sadly, the closest bookstore to me if I need an immediate book-find/book-fix), I noticed they had Polaroid cameras for sale beside an add-on to your smartphone for a ‘classic camera feel.’ attachment. Me, being a shutterbug nerd mentally flipped a coin – go proper old-school or ‘downgrade an upgraded who buys cameras anymore gadget.’

Above is an earlier collection of photos, after I chose not to read the directions.

Taking Shots

Overhead or overgrown
No zoom-in, zoom-out
Case of ‘shoot and go’
Eventually, the proof comes out

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2 Responses to Friday Photos

  1. Mari Collier says:

    LOL Why bother with directions when you are a Nerd? I’m amazed at all that is now available. Tweeted.

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