Happy Pi Day!


Pi Day – Sno Cafe & Deli Style!

Happy Pi Day: 3.14!


‘One’-derful pies

For a wonderful start to the weekend!


Apple Carmel, hot and freshly packed!

Brown Butter Custard & Pear, a different kind of snack, and

Sweet Potato pie, a nice way to bring a bit of holiday back!

Dare to go back to the cafe & deli to get some more?!

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2 Responses to Happy Pi Day!

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Just plain apple pie might tempt me to return. Tweeted.

  2. TommiaW says:

    They make a fabulous Apple Pie and it’s a staple all year long. This season’s special is the Pear Pie (sweet!) and the Sweet Potato pie just debuted recently. Very fortunate to have such a talented team of bakers and chefs!

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