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Saturday Snapshot

  Dare dream to reach dangerous goals Outside the seemingly acceptable norms? Undertaking some records set Books don’t come out of thin air, at Least not yet! Every word down means the Final count goes up Uncensored, unchanged until November’s … Continue reading

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November Already?

I almost forgot I had a blog (or two)! No, in all seriousness, I’d fallen behind in keeping the pocket of time of sharing a pondering, photo or poem. As you can see from the banner above, it’s that time … Continue reading

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Monday Mountain

All right,  not exactly a picture of Mount Si or Mount Rainier, but I will admit I wasn’t sure if I’d make it across the finish line this time around. Validation count ended at 54040 (found files I tucked away … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday

Ever get on a roll, thinking you got this only to see a) how far you have to go and b) the wall that’s too close for comfort? That describes NaNo for me right now.

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Wednesday Writers

  The wonderful thing about NaNo is being part of a great community of writers, who cross milestones one word at a time.

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More Monday

Kit’s miffed at the stiff toy he thought was his. (It’s the leg to the chair I’ve declared mine.) Being ignored by hands typing, not petting Certainly isn’t fine. Kit’s miffed at the shadows on the floor. (That’s it, no … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday

What’s the best thing to do on a Friday night in the middle of November? November Night Fever at the Fall City Roadhouse Inn of course!!

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Tuesday Tunes Day

Sometimes a new song can help take a struggling story into new directions… How are other NaNoWriMo folks doing so far?

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Saturday Snapshot

Photo’s from the archives… Oh, the dangerous fortune of Daylight Saving Time, Halloween and the hours until NaNoWriMo begins and our region joins other writers into the novelties of November!

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Wednesday Writers

  Three days and counting! Or two and a half, if you aim for the midnight start.  Millions of people worldwide dedicate the month of November to National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. Our mighty Snoqualmie Valley Region is ready to … Continue reading

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