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Wednesday Words

Continuing snippet inspired by Casz’s Moment of Writing Zen. Story began here, otherwise a continuation of this. “…Birds and the Sky “ ~ Jed Nolo Gala   She stopped and pretended to read a digi-note on the platform, catching sight … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words

A continuation of the snippet started last week and again, inspired by the “Moment of Writing Zen” provided by Casz. “Tiny Mop Decals” he cursed as he stood in the rain. Exposure to the elements kept him from lighting up a … Continue reading

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Story-A-Day (day late) for Friday

 The first time the marble steps filled the child’s eyes with awe was because of a svelte actor, now Mr. Smith and his inspirational attitude. The second time the steps filled the teen’s eyes with awe was in watching a speech of … Continue reading

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Friday Fast One

It’s been a while since I attempted a bit of flash fiction, but this was inspired by Denise Bartlow’s post and a phrase in Misifusa’s post. That and a certain young character wouldn’t leave me alone. More than the Moon “Daddy,” … Continue reading

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Words, Words, Words…

In response to today’s Daily Prompt: Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOOKS. Books? What books? “We come from beyond, and we go from whence we came,courting the hands of time. We are bound by nothing so much as our imagination.” ~Scott … Continue reading

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Friday Fast One

Step, Missed Step, Misstepped Sometimes the first steps are the hardest. Be it a journey towards a destination, new or unknown Or retracing a path detoured, forgone. To go forward or go back – The decision made without fear of … Continue reading

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Friday Fast One – Snapshots

Today’s Friday Fast One is an invite to a challenge – The above poster was one of many finds at the Museum of Flight (the photo gallery to be added to the collection soon available now). What sort of story could … Continue reading

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