Mt. (Sigh) in Spring

Mount Si in Winter 2016

Any other time, it would go un-
Noticed since it’s been there for all of time.
Dominating the valley with its majestic height.

However, this season, it’s
Outstanding, dressed in white, against a sharp blue
Waiting for its silhouette to be noticed this crisp night.

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5 Responses to Travels

  1. Good poem, but it is wrong. The summit of Mt. Si is always noticed. Even when nothing but clouds played around the top, I would pretend Frodo and Sam Wise were up there to return the ring. Yes, I Tweeted.

    • I agree its beauty is often captivating in any season, but I also agree with T that when it’s dressed in snow it demands valley-dwellers to admire it. Sadly, when there is day after day of ‘perfect’ sunny skies, I become somewhat immune to Mt. Si’s beauty since it’s as close to it ever gets of looking monotonous. Winter brings more moods of mist and crisp skies and various patterns of ice and snow, trees and stone. The constant change brings more ‘wow’ moments.

  2. It’s true, I can get busy and my mood can wander, but in winter snow when I glance at the mountain I’m drawn back to its feet in awe and reminded of beauty and blessings. What a privilege to live at this base of this glorious wonder of frozen earth.

    • It was the first thing I looked at every morning, if there was light enough. If not, I would look at it at Mt. Si in the afternoon or fading evening light when I returned home.

      • I do that with the river, though I had gotten out of the habit and added it back in during the holiday season. I get out ‘on the wrong side of the bed’ so I can peek out the curtain at the river, and then I get on with my day.

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