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Tuesday is Texas

The Dallas Public Library was one of the most enlightening escapes to be had during a business trip. Where else can you find a copy of the Declaration of Independence, Shakespeare’s portfolios and a floor dedicated to nothing but music? … Continue reading

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Thursday Thankfulness

I’ve been blessed to be part of a family who treasures the power of books. My father’s parents allowed for shelves to be built to fit the growing collection of adventures and mysteries. (Joy was finding the secret room my … Continue reading

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Too Much…

Thanks go to Robin Coyle for her post this last weekend. I read it yet shook my head in disbelief thinking, no – a public library couldn’t possibly be reduced to that! Then I read this article: Bookless Library. Really? What’s … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Two interesting reads regarding books and libraries. First, was this NPR piece from a few days ago called, “How Scholastic Sells Literacy to Generations of New Readers.” Some fear that with all the gadgets and gizmos, texting and twittering, that … Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – Fountain, too Edition

Fountain’s Foundation Regardless of the centerpiece’s design or nay, The purpose remains the same: Of the flow of ideas, upward, out The cascading of ideas continue to spout Making a splash with every drop The rippling effects hard to stop- … Continue reading

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Thought for Thursday

I was going to call the photo “Imagine Greater” until I realized it was the tagline/promo of a channel I once thought capable of such. Science fiction shows are hard to find, enjoyable ones even harder, but I digress (and … Continue reading

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Forgotten Films

A funny thing happens when there are too many things to try to keep track of – some things are forgotten. Case in point: my brother and I were discussing films – which ones we had seen in the theatre (turns … Continue reading

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