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Tuesday is Texas

The Dallas Public Library was one of the most enlightening escapes to be had during a business trip. Where else can you find a copy of the Declaration of Independence, Shakespeare’s portfolios and a floor dedicated to nothing but music? … Continue reading

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Monday Mountain

Nearer to the stars Enveloped in hope Wrapped in more than it seems How far will you go to Enjoy the view Imagine the limitless possibilities Great dreamers Have and nurture over Time, until, like the Stars, it’s their moment … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wonder

However dark the days begin Off in the distance, Light breaks in Proving all is not lost and Everything has a reason

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Monday Mountains

Forest-cloaked Image immortalized Reining from afar Strong as ever The touchpoint of grounded stars Snowcapped Impressive might Glorious even in the gray Heaven-tapper True delight

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Sunday Steps

Relaxed by the water that go on for Eternity where rules have no meaning beyond The grains of sand, the shells and driftwood about Rocks rounded Each moment the waves wash Away the rough edges Time to inhale the tide, … Continue reading

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Saturday Steps

Well, for a few Saturdays here and there, ‘stepping back’ to the stairs in preparation for the 832 steps involved with the Base2Space in October. In the meantime, congratulations to everyone participating in the Relay for Life in the Valley today!!

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Sunday Snapshot

Soft waves crashing Against the shores ‘Nother day over Festivities Rest Anything Nothing

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Friday Fast One

Half of the year has already passed and one can either reflect on what was done/not done or plan for the rest of the year ahead. I’ll probably spend the weekend doing a bit of both. In the meantime, set … Continue reading

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Wednesday Water

My response to today’s Daily Prompt – Divide. The second bridge on my favorite trail, and the first of the best ‘soundtracks’ to indulge in.

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Sky Watch Friday: Mount Rainier

Trying something different – Inspired by Tena and Dawn, here is a bit of a Sky Watch from Renton, Washington. Looks could be deceiving – it was colder than the fading sunny sky let on.

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