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Sunday Snapshot

Things to keep One thoroughly, utterly Occupied during a heat wave: Dozen or so books Allowing one to Roam about the world, Not needing a passport Heavens and seascape to look Out to, getting lost in the process, and Tea … Continue reading

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Saturday Snapshot

Gathering Little things that bring A lot of Daily joy, Nestled in Everyday places, Some high, Some low.

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Tuesday is Texas

The Dallas Public Library was one of the most enlightening escapes to be had during a business trip. Where else can you find a copy of the Declaration of Independence, Shakespeare’s portfolios and a floor dedicated to nothing but music? … Continue reading

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Sunday Steps

The countdown begins until the ascent again. An enjoyable moment was attending the Art & Science Art Walk in the Mundie Courtyard of the Fred Hutch Campus. A delightful discovery was that the thirty pieces of art from fifteen labs … Continue reading

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Minute on the Map

Going to try something new this month – “Minute on the Map.” While I’ve never bothered to complete the papers needed to renew my passport, I still love the idea of traveling – preferably by train, second by plane, but … Continue reading

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Saturday Sketch

New year, new follies.  A page out of one of the soon-to-be submitted Sketchbook Project books. Theme: Wanderer. Title: Trails in Winter and Other Seasons. Now to see if this (and the other items) will be sent before the final date.

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We are all part of a mosaic Often fitting perfectly with those around us Relying on faith, skills and contributions Leading, learning, leaning Days are made brighter by human kindness.

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 Etchings First scratch, second scratch, third line leaves its mark Whistler’s needle against the copper brings a surface of the park Closer lines, darkness refined The rubbings leave their shine. Whittle away, bit by bit, what emerges is the city … Continue reading

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Books, More Books

Bound The last thing I need would be more books. As if that would stop me (stop with the looks). Went to the Con this weekend, bought only ‘a few’ Well, more than the so-called limit of ‘only two.’ I … Continue reading

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Saturday Snapshots – “Full Circle” Edition

Artwork at the Dallas Convention Center DART Station:

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