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Monday Morning

Who can complain about the rain? When wondrous finds can be gained? What trouble is it to look to the sky? Why set your sights low when dreams can soar high!

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More Monday

One more look at the rainbow from Sunday.

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Sunday Splendor

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More Monday

I had hoped to capture a minute’s worth of the mighty roar, but alas, hard to do when others are about, chatting loudly to be heard/overheard.

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Monday Moment

Let the rains come as the leaves turn brown As summer goes, and a new curve is down Not only in bumbershoots, but the every present frown Days get colder, snow threatens the ground. Let the petals catch the drops … Continue reading

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Saturday Snapshots – Rainy Day

Falling One of the best things about the fall Aside from the cascading leaves from wooden walls Is the way the rain pours to clean it all The mugginess of summer, before winter’s call Clear Curtains Forget the intricate patterns … Continue reading

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