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Wednesday Waters

Fun finds Await, along the Lingering Little Trail – Splendid surprises

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Thursday Thought

What do I long for? A soothing state of mind. Where one can be far from work and worry, And repose by the cascading symphony where kind Reminders of blessings flow Washing away the guilt. Give me eternity by the … Continue reading

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Wednesday Water

My response to today’s Daily Prompt – Divide. The second bridge on my favorite trail, and the first of the best ‘soundtracks’ to indulge in.

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Splendid Sunday

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A Gift-Filled Day

The joy of a day not rushed away Enjoying the start of wandering play. To see the trail bordered by snow; Better still, various falls at proper flow. Time with family, always a plus Avoiding silly things like regret and … Continue reading

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More Monday

I had hoped to capture a minute’s worth of the mighty roar, but alas, hard to do when others are about, chatting loudly to be heard/overheard.

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Saturday Snapshot – Falls Edition

“F is for Falls” – Snoqualmie Falls, that is. A fun afternoon with a friend, we decided to check out the Falls on a typical rainy day. Took a break in “The Attic,” then  went out again. For those who … Continue reading

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Slight Light

This is actually a still from a(n accidental) video recording during a hike along the river leading up to the Twin Falls. Again, easily distracted by trickling water when wrapped in ribbons of light, like on the right. A few … Continue reading

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