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Friday Fast One

While wandering through your ‘day-to-day’ Observe the ordinary beauty along the way Never know when a gem might go unseen Discovered now by you, life to a dream Every present moment is just that Remember the now before it is … Continue reading

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New Year

Amazing how each year begins With a day no different than the one before And yet we unwrap this day like a holiday Ready with wonder for what’s in store. Every day – before, here, later – brings Newness in … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought

If in the woods a tree does fall And no one chances to hear Did it really fall at all? Stop and ask a deer. If in the woods emerges a stump Does anyone, in their throat, Get a lump? … Continue reading

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Saturday Snapshots – Dallas Edition Con’t.

Three quick photos from Dallas – or the ‘post and dash’ edition today. Enjoy!

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Monday Moment

Whether it’s the persistent seeing of things in ‘black and white’ or failing to notice ‘the forest for the trees,’ each of us has a different way to see the world. Is it clear cut/either-or? Or is it a matter … Continue reading

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A Tree that Leans

A great deal of snow is falling and eventually its weight will bring things down. While that wasn’t the case for the tree on right (its downfall-mishap happened long before that), the weight of the white will be worth watching. … Continue reading

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