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Saturday Snapshot

Simplicity in the plainest of things Uncovering things taken for granted New revelations nearby Stop, look and listen Everything adds a note to Todays, tomorrows, and yesterdays gone by.

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Sunday Snapshot

Soft waves crashing Against the shores ‘Nother day over Festivities Rest Anything Nothing

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Simply Sunday

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Saturday Snapshots – Dallas Sunsets Edition

A somber view of the Grassy Knoll on the other side. Lesson learned – do not press the ‘shoot’ button while stepping down from a sidewalk curb. Obviously not over Dallas, but fairly sure I was still over Texas…

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Sunday Snapshot

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Monday Marvel

Sometimes a discovery is only a matter of a minute turn of the head. Another shot from the rails, this combines two of my favorite things: sunsets and water.

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Sunday snapshot

One of the wonderful things about traveling by rail is the chance to take in the sights, from sunrise to sunset. This was a wonderful shot taken on the return to Seattle.

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Saturday Snapshot…or

…’Back-to-Seattle.’ While the Friday train ride could be described as early morning fun with friends, Saturday can be called the ‘sweet return home.’ Yes, rode backwards, again. Yes, played the ‘going-going-gone’ game with more missed shots than before (blame it … Continue reading

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