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Wednesday Waters

Fun finds Await, along the Lingering Little Trail – Splendid surprises

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Wednesday Waters

Randomly marking way Into the rocks, through the Valley, Endless in its Rippling effect

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Wednesday Water

My response to today’s Daily Prompt – Divide. The second bridge on my favorite trail, and the first of the best ‘soundtracks’ to indulge in.

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Daily Post: Places

A response to today’s Daily Post Question: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely? All of the above! Other Places to see: Trackbacks & Pingbacks Places – I’m Afraid Of The Dark The Night-Sky, Rain Droplets and City Lights | … Continue reading

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Saturday Snapshot

It won’t be long before the sun breaks through onto the trail, a return walk long overdue.

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Saturday Snapshot

Another wonderful view from the trail walked.  No proper path exists there, but the hint of one brings to mind limitless opportunities.

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Thoughts Along the Trail

They say the early bird gets the worm. Well, the early riser gets to enjoy a morning walk! There is something to be said for the sanity of a regular routine. This past week has allowed me to (almost) daily … Continue reading

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Slight Light

This is actually a still from a(n accidental) video recording during a hike along the river leading up to the Twin Falls. Again, easily distracted by trickling water when wrapped in ribbons of light, like on the right. A few … Continue reading

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Snapshot Saturday

Well sometimes staying on the trail can be boring – so detours need to be found and explored. This was one of many on a trail I’ve yet to revisit this season.

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