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Sky Watch Friday: Mount Rainier

Trying something different – Inspired by Tena and Dawn, here is a bit of a Sky Watch from Renton, Washington. Looks could be deceiving – it was colder than the fading sunny sky let on.

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A Gift-Filled Day

The joy of a day not rushed away Enjoying the start of wandering play. To see the trail bordered by snow; Better still, various falls at proper flow. Time with family, always a plus Avoiding silly things like regret and … Continue reading

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More Monday

I had hoped to capture a minute’s worth of the mighty roar, but alas, hard to do when others are about, chatting loudly to be heard/overheard.

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Simply Sunday

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Too Much…

Too much fun with so many brushes With water, with oil, with color, without? Tracing? Abstract? Obscure? Subtract? Paint by numbers or outside lines Follow rules or mischievously combine The multitude of hues, of lines thick, thin? The tip of … Continue reading

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Friday Fast One

The thing about Time being a river Should warm one up; bring a shiver For while one steps into the water twice It isn’t the same moment – now Memory’s ice.

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Wednesday Words

The Son above Madness below Human kindness continues to show No matter how hard evil attacks People get up, stronger, push back For daylight will emerge (cloudy or not) And banish the night.

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